Local SEO Firehose – Enterprises and Franchises

0:00 Local SEO: Enterprises and Franchises
6:19 Convincing Stakeholder
9:43 Stakeholder education
21:10 Do we need to hire additional team members?
29:38 Data Management Platforms
31:35 Data Management Platforms prerequisite
42:06 Local Pages
50:08 Reputation Management
55:55 Multi-location reporting

You know the story, you have a problem to fix and must talk to 30 people, get approval from 10 departments, and then the CFO denies the budget.
Join your host Ben Fisher on this Duda episode of the Local SEO Firehose, where we will be discussing the challenges that enterprises and franchises face internally and externally when it comes to Local SEO.
Krystal Taing, Steve Wiideman