What You Need To Know About The Franchise Business Model | AM/PM Podcast 280

In episode 280 of the AM/PM Podcast, Tim and Jon discuss:

03:30 – Jon’s Story And How Did He Get Started In Franchising
05:30 – Why Is Franchising A Hot Topic Right Now?
07:00 – What Is A Franchise And What Are Its Benefits?
10:30 – Looking At Financial Disclosure Documents
12:00 – Tim And Jon Breakdown What A Franchise Really Is
14:30 – Why Is It A Good Path To Consider?
18:30 – Big Businesses Are Buying Franchises Too
21:30 – What Is The Process To Get Started On This Business?
25:00 – Finding The Best Franchise Niche For You
26:30 – The Biggest Mistakes When Entering This Business
30:30 – Jon Gives Free Consultations If People Are Interested
31:30 – How To Get In Touch With Jon